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Update: 'Mixed Emotions thread' -not good


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She was cheating...found out today...with another woman yea a woman


numb,mad, upset, sad


we met with a pastor last night...she said we needed to work on things that we'd try our best to get past the problems we were having. Pastor asked if she was cheating she said,"no" asked me I said, 'no'


still suspicious last night...thought I'd get over it.


Woke up to assist her in the morning...even kissed her goodbye. Thought I'd sit down on the couch and watch some TV before going to work.


Found a love letter sitting on the couch.


Called her on her way to work...asked about the letter, she admitted and asked if she should come home from work...I said yes.


We talked and are going to try to work out the relationship, but I'd like to connect with anyone who's dealt with this...please PM me

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I find it hard to extract what actually happened and what you think that happened. Are you sure she cheated on you? Then wasn't the conversation with the pastor highly upsetting, because in addition she lied? Any type of counseling is only gonna be helpful if she is telling the truth!

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