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New to the forum...need some LDR advice please

What To Do If They Cheat - Do this ...
What To Do If They Cheat - Do this First

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Here's my situation....


My boyfriend and I have been together for 2 years. Our relationship started off a little rocky, but we got past our issues and our relationship has grown stronger by the day. We both love each other and want a future together, but he just found out a couple months ago that the company he works for is relocating to Dallas early next year. We were both crushed by the news. At first I gave him alot of sh*t for choosing his job over me, but then realized I was being selfish and if he doesn't move with his job then he will lose great career opportunities headed his way. So anyway, after 2 weeks of not eating, sleeping and just being in total depression mode, he talked me into staying together and doing the LDR thing until my daughter gets a little older and I can work something out with the custody situation (we have 50/50). So I agree to try it and I am TERRIFIED! We currently live in Baton Rouge, La which is a 6 hour drive or about an hour flight. We plan to see each every weekend and he will also come in town sometimes for business. He's a very outgoing guy and likes to meet new people....this worries me! Based on my situation, if anyone can give me some opinions or advice on how to make this work...I would greatly appreciate it! :sad:

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