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I'm not a big poet. Actually this is the first real poem I have ever wrote. I just wrote it when a lot of things were happening with my life and it helped me feel happier. I strongly urge anyway who feels sad or depressed to write out your thoughts.




I see the pain burn,

Like an ever-growing flame.

Your hope slips away,

Yet there is no-one to blame.


The knife and joint won't help you,

Devil's control within.

Fight the urge to lay down,

To rip apart your skin.


Drugs may infest your blood,

But your emotions remain there.

The blood on your shirt,

Won't change your prayer.


Wipe away the tears,

I feel your hurt.

There's more to life than death.

It won't take much to revert.


Gaze into the darkness,

Discover what's inside.

Realise that you can make a difference,

No matter where you hide.

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