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Birth control worries


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It's one of those night where I feel paranoid. So I appreciate any reassurance and apologize if this post has been made 500 times before (I searched the boards first, couldn't find anything).


Here's the scenario:

1. Had sex Friday night. No condom, but he did not finish inside me. Remembered my pill on time.

2. Saturday - No sex. Remembered my pill on time.

3. Today - No sex. Took pill 3 hours later than normal.

4. I feel a little crampy, like I'm ovulating.


Sorry boys for the gross detail.


That's the sitch. Is 3 hours late a big deal? How worried should I be?


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Thats the risk you run by relying on the pill. Sperm can live upto 7 days in your body, so you must remember pills on time for several days after.


With that being said, a three hour delay one day, and then back on track for the remaining wouldn't make me worry.

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