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advice as to how or if to proceed

If He Likes You He'll Do This -...
If He Likes You He'll Do This - Harsh Truth

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hi everyone, I met this man last december and we dated in jan-feb and again in the summer. I saw him last night again.


We have had sex, but I have not had sex with him recently. I like him a lot and I think that he likes me but I do not know if he is trying to use me for sex which is why I don't want to start having sex with him again.


He is a lot older than I am so I am cautious....


He will sarcastically talk about marriage but he got divorced 4 years ago... I mean when I say I don't want to have sex later he will say "what do you want? to get married? I'm twenty years older than you..." He dates a lot of women also... I don't really think you guys will know what to say but any advice would be appreciated and I know this post is lacking in detail but I'm sorry I'm tired.

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welcome to enotalone. well, to be able to tell if he likes you and wants sex, or only wants sex..... watch his behavior and his words. is he asking you out on dates he plans in advance? is he respectful and interested in your life? is he introducing you to his friends and family? does he make plans to see you regularly? if the answers are 'no', then this guy is just using you for sex.


has he told you he wants a relationship with you?

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