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True Love? Need your thoughts!


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My ex-boyfriend and I dated for almost 8 months. Prior to that, we had been good friends for several months. During that time...everything seemsed so...so magical, so perfect. We were madly in love and felt that we were perfect for each other. We felt so lucky to have found our special someone at the tender age of 18. 4 months into it, he gave me a promise ring. It was right before I went off to college.

At first, things with him were still awesome. I'd miss him a lot, but we'd still see each other once to twice a week, and being away from each other made us realize how much love we had for one another. However, the stress of adjusting to college took its toll on me. I have an anxiety disorder and get worked up easily. I ended up taking it out a lot on the ones I love...which included my boyfriend. He ended up dumping me, but he lied to as to why he wanted to break up. I only learned from a mutual friend that it was because he found another girl (a 15 yr. old, might I add! how insulting).

Well, to make this story short....I'm heartbroken. He seems to have moved on so fast. But we had been so sure we were "the one" for each other. How can someone give up on true love so easily like he did? I remember the wonderful moments we shared, and the connection we had is irreplacable....It's been two months since the breakup, and I'm still healing. I love him so much, I understand I made some mistakes in the relationship but he seems to have no interest in me, he's so cold-hearted towards me now. What should I do?? This is so hard.

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I know where you're coming from flipangel...I've got panic disorder and it had a big part in ruining a really great thing...it can be excruciating for other people to deal with what you have to deal with...the only thing I can say is that you maybe don't want to be with someone who can't deal with your specific problem. It's painful to think someone understood and then find out that they didn't, but sometimes that happens...my ex and I started out as best friends while I was going through a divorce...and 2 weeks after she said we shouldn't see each other for a while, she was dating a man 12 years her senior with 3 kids and it helped me to put in perspective where she was really coming from concerning our relationship...and she turned cold etc...just like your boyfriend...you just have to realize that as good as it was, if they couldn't deal with everything, then it wasn't as good as it could be and will be with someone else...hope that helps...in the meantime hang in there and don't let the world pass you by.

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Hi FlipAngel,


It must hurt like hell to know that your partner has someone else. Whatever it is, I don't think he is worth your time and efforts.


It is even more disturbing to know that he did not give you the real reason for the breakup. You are still very young. Enjoy life to the fullest while you can. Make more friends, just be cautious who you give out your heart to in future.


This is just one lost tree in the forest. Don't fret over this.


To quote one line I remember from Smallville : "Sometimes letting go, is the only way to move forward".


Take heart!

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