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Help Im confused by ex contact ??


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Hi everyone. I dont post much but I get a lot of help from reading everyone's posts and advice so would greatly appreciate anybody's comments on my situation. To cut a long story short was in a LDR for 2 years, we were engaged. All going well until June 08. Went to visit my partner, I was very insecure had a few arguments things turned from bad to worse and we ended up splitting up. My partner did not contact me for a month. I went NC too but then after around a month I contacted him and we started talking. Since September we have been in LC. At times he has said he misses me, but then other times has said he doesn't feel the same. I have played it cool and worked on myself, got new job been on dates etc and been away on holiday. We have had no contact since 1st November. During his last phone call he said call or text me whenever you like and I said the same to him. We have not spoken for a month until tonight when he was on line. We talked for a while and then he asked me to view webcam which I did. He said he wanted me to see him and wished he could see me. My webcam broken so he couldnt. He then said he had to go but said we could talk again and ended conversation with lots of kisses. Asked lots of questions about my life and my family etc. Am I reading too much into this. Do you think he still has feelings for me. I still really love him but am a realist and will not flog a dead horse so to speak. Any comments appreciated. Anybody have any advice on what to do next. As I say we were LDR he lives 4 hours away and has to have visa to visit me so if we ever see each other again it means the onus is on me to travel to him. Thank you for your help

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