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How to do LC in LDR in my case ?Please help..

In Limbo

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Hello Everyone


I decided to part ways with my ex 25 days back when she came visiting my city(as per everyone's advice then).Thereafter i went NC for about 20 days.


Having healed , i decided to check on her on 19th.Ideally i should be on LC stage.

She replied on 20th & we managed to have light hearted conversation(all texting).


Then on 22nd i texted her back to finish my song(that i had written before..not romantic or anything , just a song on space).


We texted a lot more again & talked of all the usual stuff in the same funny vein.


Now since the communication was initiated by me on both occasions & though i got positive replies both times, i am now confused whether i should wait for her to initiate communication now or can i text her a 'Hi! Hwdido?'

sort of msg everyday??


If she does not initiate , then at what frequency (@days)should i check on her?

Here's the thread for further reference..



Many thanks for your suggestions

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We always have interesting stuff going around, some or the other thing keeps coming up,since we both are college students & have big friend circles.


Plus our jokes are never ending..I write a lot of poetry/songs & other things.

So once we start it inevitably goes on for more than 30 minutes.

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I'd say that depends on how you feel. I know many people will tell you to back off, but from personal experience with ldr's this is not always a good idea. If she continues to be receptive and it isn't causing you distress I wouldn't back off. You are the man.


That certainly is a very positive piece of advice.I am in control for sure.

We both click really well even as friends.


Although i have mostly read the same thing (to back out ), go very LC et al but may be i'll follow your advice this time.I am gonna take care not to bring up sensitive issues & keep things simple & funny.

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