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He contacted me yesterday.


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...it was through AIM about an hour after I logged on and I responded. He asked me how I was, what was new. Eventually he asks me if I've dated anyone since we broke up(he asked me this 2 weeks ago also) and I tell him no. That I've spoken to a few people online, but not actually met up with someone. I ask him why and he just says "just wondering". He asks me a few more questions, listens to everything I say intently and seems to agree with me alot. He ends up asking me, in a very long winded and confusing manner, if I miss our relationship at all because he thinks about it sometimes. That he's fine being single, but he gets lonely occasionally. We end up talking for like 2 and a half hours. It gets late so I eventually log off and head to bed.


But I realized that I didn't answer his question, so I left him a message on myspace. It said "To be honest, what I miss the most is just having someone to do stuff with. Like watching movies and having someone to share music with, going out places, getting random text messages at work and just having someone to wake up beside whose not (my dog's name here). That, and those faces you make. Priceless. haha It was fun while it lasted, even if it was short-lived. No worries.


He responds back to me " ya, that was what I was saying too. im glad we can still be friends."


I'm not sure how I feel about talking to him now. It was a very odd, long conversation...

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