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Wondering - have been reading Sparkies post


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So, I was nine days into NC when I felt it was getting easier, but the it wasn't (like a rollercoaster). Decided, I could accept the possibility if her not wanting to get back together with me.....Me personally, I feel it will be easier for me to be LC than NC for myself. So I sent a quick text saying hello and she sent one back right away saying she was thinking about me that morning. We sent a couple texts back and forth. Later on she sends me an email telling me what has been going on with her and then asks me "So how is everything with you..." Again, she told me after she broke up with me and ripped my heart out that she wanted to be friends.


What do you know, she calls me last night and we talk for around 30 minutes. Good conversation, nothing was brought up by either of us relating to a relationship. I could tell she paused before she hung up the phone (normally says i love you for the past 20 months). Tonight a get another call. I wasn't next to my phone so I listened to her voicemail that she left. She says hey, thought me and the kids (from her previous marriage) saw your car and they wanted to stop by and see you. It wasn't my car and I was at home not even where she thought she saw me.


What do you make of this? Was she wanting to see me? Is she thinking we are back to friends and she can move on? Was I wrong for calling her back? Of course I would love to get back with her but I can't figure out what she is thinking.


Please let me know what you think

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