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No Period Can't = Pregnant right?

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Ok----So, I am 19 and from the time I was 11 until about 14 I had a regular period. Once a month, my 'visitor' was there. Since I turned 14, which was 5 years ago, I rarely ever have a period. I can go 6 months without having one and then have one for a solid month. I went to my Gyno and he said it was a hormone / chemical imbalance, that I was flucuating weight, and / or stress....


I was just wondering if anyone knew that if someone didn't have a period woudl she be a risk of getting pregnant.....


(I still use condoms and spermicide)

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Hey WomackC706,


A bit odd maybe, a reply from a guy, but anyways here it is:


If you use condoms and spermicide everytime you're having sex, then you will be protected against pregnantie.

So if your sure about the condoms thing you shouldn't be worried. You can always take a pregnantie-test to be sure.

which kind of bithcontrol you use doesn't mather, if you use it the way it's meant to be used!! Even if you have a irregular period, you shouldn't be worried.


You didn't tell if you use birthcontrol pils. That's (with use of concoms too) the savest way to have sex without getting pregnant.

If you use the pil, you can regulate your "period" too. You take the pill for three weeks and then not for one week. In the week you do not take the pil, you usually will get your period. After 7 days you start with the pill again, and so on.

((well with most girls it works this way) (your Gyno can tell you more about it. The pill can regulate your hormones too, for a litllebit.)


In the week you don't take the pill you will be protected, but you should be very cousious with having sex, as you should all the time.

ALLWAYS use condoms in the beginning. Only when you and your boyfriend are together for a long time and trust eachother completely, you can take an AIDS-test and if it comes out clean, you could do it without a concom. But take the birthcontrol-pil 'till the moment you want to get pregnant. (and after that offcourse!!)


Hope this is littlebit of help for you!

Have safe sex and enjoy life!!!




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I would think that regardless of your irregular period, you are just as likely to get pregnant as somebody who is like clockwork. You never really know whether you are going to have one or not, until it's imminent, right? So, by that token, you could be fertile at the correct time of your cycle, on any given cycle, as you are unaware of what is going on.


So continue to take your precautions, and hopefully when you are ready to have kids, it will all work out that way too.


I have heard of women going on the pill purely for purposes of regulating their periods. My wife was one for example that did that. She found it much easier knowing when things were going to happen, and could plan around it to some extent.

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I did go on the pill to regular my period, but it didn't regular it at all.. It just gave me mood swings like they were going outta style. So I stopped taking them.. Now we just use spermicide (for me) and condoms (spermicidal for him) every time just about (always a condom, but not always both)....



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