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Just come back from my first date...*double date*

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Facebook Dating Tricks To Get Matches

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Went on a blind date. All went for a meal, my friend and her boyfriend. My friend is also friends with the guy I was set up with. She originally told him about me and the more she told the more he got interested. He added me on facebook, we talked on the online thing then exchanged MSN addresses and spoke a couple of times.


Beforehand he had been txting my friend saying hes very interested we seem to get on well. Even told me he was excited about meeting me.


So, it went ok. He got there a bit late because he got lost finding the place. When he first sat down he was kinda shy with me as I was with him. Said the odd thing to each other. Went to order our food then got talking a little bit. Not a great extent of talking went out, we all tryed to talk in a group really with little looks at each other while we were. I wasnt sure overall how well he might have thought it went. Theres something I like about him though


My friend txt him before asking him what he thought, then forwarded the message on to me. It said: "shes lovely! im really chuffed to meet her finally! I'd love to meet her again!"


Shes given him my number now and he sent a nice txt saying he just wanted to say he really enjoyed the night and it was nice to meet me.


Any ideas for second dates? I txt him back saying I enjoyed it too be seeing you soon? He said "Definatley, we should arrange something real soon".


Oh and should I wait for him to contact me, or should I contact him?

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it doesn't matter who contacts who, i don't think. you both made it clear that you were interested, so the ball is in whoever's court that wants to pick it up and play.


as for date ideas, maybe something fun to do in the day time? maybe you could meet up for lunch and then head out somewhere after?

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