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Lost the Love Of Your Love? Watch This!

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Hello all,


I posted a while ago about how I felt for a straight guy, things did not ended well. After 4 months of flirtting one night something happened. When I talked to him he said he did not wanted to explore that with me. As Im closet I kept quiet but continuing to see all the other people in our group of friends.


They are all asking about what happened beause I closed all comm channels with him, deleted his celly, blocked im and facebook, I was mad.


Now I think he may have said something to my other friends because Im getting the cold shoulder from some of them. I'm so mad, I did not said shiz about all his flirt with me, and how he made think he was in to me, all the touching and specially not about the sex thing that happened one night..


I want vendetta! I want to make him pay for saying what he was not suppouse to! some of my friends the other night made nsty remarks about "hipotetical situations"... that just got me furious. Im so mad I can't even type.


What should I do? should I talk about what happened and how the so called "straight" guy spooned with me every saturday afternoon? should I talk about how he rubbed my feet, belly and chest every night? ....


I dont want to talk to him ever egain. But I want everyone to know he is just a sad poor undecided little bastard that plays with peoples feelings, then pretend he does not care and then talks trash about them!



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You need to learn that vendetta's create nothing but ill...I created a vendetta against my ex, and while it is long forgotten now, it wasn't worth it. she didn't need to go through that, and it was unnecessary.


I know it hurts. but just forget him. things will move on. I promise. it doesn't sound like it now, but they will...for the longest time, I wanted nothing but my ex to feel the pain I felt: I'm now acertain that she will, but it isn't my issue, it's hers. I'm just sick of ill will...why can't everyone just be happy, and kind to each other? I wish that guy would've been honest with you...

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