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The 21 Day No Facebook Challenge

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If your like me, you are addicted to Facebook. You check your page and your friends' pages every day. However, when you combine this with the pain of a breakup, it is trouble waiting to happen. Sure, you can delete your ex from your friends list, but they could simply send you a friend request again. You could block them, but the curiosity remains. Well, lament no more, because I came up with an idea that can help you heal! Im doing this right now, and it is helping me already!


Here's what you do-


1. Come up with some random password that will be difficult to rememeber.

2. Change your password to the new one.

3. Put the password down someplace, but make sure that you won't be able to get at it for 21 days. Give it to a trusted friend, maybe?

4. Come up with something to do instead of going on Facebook. For example, every time I have the urge to go on Facebook, I go on here instead! However, it shouldn't matter, since you don't know your FB password anyways..

5. When the 21 days are up, you can get your password, and log back on to Facebook, but who knows? Maybe you've discovered something or someone else, and you won't need to anymore!


Feel free to post your experiences during this on this thread! Come on, I know you can do it!

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Uhh, basically you block her or him. Facebook will not allow you to see anything pertaining to that person. Voila.


It's great that you're taking steps to beat this addiction. The best thing that worked for me, is not care anymore. Why live off bread crumbs. Is their life so much better than yours?


Stop hanging on to it and do your damn best to move on. Or think about this. Does she pine after you all day everyday? Chances are, NOPE. Have some more dignity and just let it go. Go about your life.


Getting bored? Read a book, go for a walk. Learn something new. Browse the internet. There are a million things to do to distract yourself long enough until the urge is manageable. I had it BAD. I was cyber stalking for 2 months. Saw something I didn't want to see. Hurt me so much, that I learned my lesson. Not to look, so there isn't new information in my brain to give me reasons to hang on to hurt.


Good luck!

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Very true, but we all get curious about our exes, so what happens if you happen to...unblock them? This way, the temptation is completely gone.


Oh, I get curious, but I remember how much hurt she put me through. I then realize that I don't ever want to feel like that again. So I don't do it.


The temptation will never be gone until you realize that it is over. That you cyber stalking doesn't bring them back. I know I come off headstrong, but I this is what I tell myself.


If you really want to let it go. You would do everything to stop. You just need to realize that it's over. Accept it and move on. I know how detrimental cyber stalking can be. I stopped and now I'm on 4-5 weeks of strict NC.


I changed my phone number so she can't contact me. I blocked her on everything. I don't need to worry about her contacting me. All I need to worry about is keeping myself in check.


How about you imagine your ex with somebody else and them posting that picture up. Looking happy as can be. How would that make you feel? Now every time you have this urge to look. Think about consequences and how BAD you would feel if you saw something you didn't like. I really want you to realize that even if you changed your password. You can still view their public profile. You just really want to and believe that you want to be over this. It's simply self discipline.


I was once weak, but now I am getting better each day. I used to check her profile like 10 times a day after we broke up. Now, I could care less. She's not a part of my life, by her own choice. She hurt me and I am working on healing myself. I have much more better things at hand that need my attention than breadcrumb news of her life. Sorry, you need to start thinking that you deserve better and believe it.

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I think I'm going to take this challenge. I know what you mean about Facebook being a recipe for disaster with a break up or raw feelings. It's rough. I'm coping with jealousy issues that my ex-bf helped create in me. So I'm looking for things I can try like this to help me. When I can actually DO something instead of thinking about it, I feel much more positive and productive. Thanks a lot.

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