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Need real quick advice! Call her or no..


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i'll make this short because it's a simple question - sorry for spamming the forum with this but I just can't decide.


There's this girl that I like and I know that she likes me too - but she won't say it.. (you know.. playing little games.. "you drive me crazy.." - "why?" "surely you can guess!" kinda stuff and more ugh)


anyway, so we had this lengthy conversation texting last night until she didn't text back, so i texted her again later but she still didn't text back.


i'm planning this party tonight and i told her to tell me if she wants to come but she hasn't yet - i need to know though so i can put her on the guestlist. I told texted her this this morning, still no reply.


I'm wondering now whether I should call her up to ask or whether i should just let her be?

I don't want to be seeming desperate etc etc you know what i mean?



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You invited her right? And she hasn't given you an answer.


Well then... put her on the guest list and assume she's coming.

Your part of this equation is done. It's up to her whether she show's

or not.


I'm assuming this is a party with many people? more on the guest list

than just this girl? Then... all you can do is put out the invitation and

let it be.


I'm having a small get together tomorrow evening. I've invited 16 guests.

It's one of those.. "sales" pitchy things, where people show up, have a few snacks and a drink, mingle and socialize while in the background someone is PITCHING THEM some great gadgets that they really don't need.


I put the invitation out... if my guests show, they show. IF they don't...

well... I've done my end. I'll have enough snacks and drink here for 16 and we'll see how it turns out. To call everyone on that list would appear

"desperate". And if they don't show.. I can't assume anything. Since I've just turned on the TV and the weatherman is calling for tonz of snow in the next 24 hours.

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