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Bf getting on my nerves...


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I know this sounds bad, because me and my guy just got back together a couple of weeks ago, but honestly he's beginning to drive me crazy. In terms of relationship, I'm the type of person that needs space--with friends, family, boyfriends so on. It's really hard for me to see the same person on the day to day basis without getting sick of them. It's easier for me to see my girl friends all the time, but when it comes to men I just get annoyed if I see them too much.

So basically my issue is that within the last couple of weeks my bf is literally calling me everyday to see him. And at first I was fine with it... I spent ALL last week with him. But by Saturday I was sick of him and needed space but I stayed through the weekend because he seemed hurt when I wanted to leave. on Monday I finally was able to have my space, but yet he called me but I had an excuse so he understand. But he keeps calling me because he wants to see me and it's annoying me.

I'm really busy right now. Two jobs, and college--the semester is at it's end and so I have a lot of projects, exams and so on--in other words I'm feeling extremely stressed and he's not helping.

The issue is that I had this problem with him on and off last year. When we saw each other EVERY DAY I would get claustrophobic and sick of him. But when we see each other once or twice a week it's perfect. I like just seeing him twice a week. But he wants to hang out more... I guess he isn't getting sick of me, but I'm getting sick of him! I'm not sure what I should do... I don't know how to tell him that I don't want to see each other all the time. Because he's the type that will take it to heart and then NOT want to see me at all anymore because he's offended.

Also is this bad? Since I don't want to see him all the time does this mean that somethings wrong?

I mean in the beginning of our relationship seeing each other all the time was great. But now that it's the fifth year I just feel like the honeymoon stage is over and I don't have to see him all the time to be satisfied.

I guess I'm sort of a loner and that's why I'm having such an issue right now... Because I hate when people invade my space.


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Nope after a while the thrill is gone, so to speak. I was there a little while ago with my ex after a few years- ironically I only miss him a liitle now because we're over but it may be time to leave him be. I too have college and work and have been there in my relationship. Each time I would end it because school and my happiness come first.

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