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Accepting and declining jobs: How to?

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I got the job offer with the company that I have wanted to work for since the beginning. I was myself with them and they always contacted me back ASAP. Never any of that 2 weeks from now stuff. I am going to accept it when I get the package in the mail. Only a few of my friends think going into the tire business is a bad move and think I should accept the job with 80 hour work weeks. I'm sorry but $60k a year is great but not worth my time.


I decided to accept it and was called by a railroad company 3 weeks after my interview with them! They wanted me for an onsite visit. I didn't know what to say. I fumbled through some words trying to be kind saying I had already accepted a job opportunity and that I appreciate everything that they did for me. First of all I think someone bailed out on them in the end since I requested the Southern region and not the region they were sending me to. Second of all...who calls after 3 weeks and asks me to do this? Third, they still wanted me to fill out an application for the job. I did but killed it at the end by marking that they could not do a background check on me. I guess I should mail all those individuals who interviewed with me 3 and 4 weeks ago?


And then my other job offer...how do I go about declining it? Could I call them and tell them that I looked at all my job offers and have decided to decline their offer and that I appreciate the opportunity that was given to me. ??


What do I do to accept the other offer? Do I call corporate back and tell them YES and what is the next step. They gave me to possible start dates...before January 1st and January 19th since I will be traveling to South Carolina for training every month. I need to ask them which start date's training won't be on 3/06/09. My brother is getting married that Friday and I would hate to be on a plane to SC during that time.







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You call them back and say "yes", then send a formal letter of acceptance via certified mail (sometimes an email is acceptable).


If you have constraints on your start date, that is often negotiable, but if not, you have to suck it up and go when you are told to go. You do not want to create an impression of selfishness at the start of a new employee / employer relationship.


By the way, I never decline other offers until I've signed on the line for the offer I am accepting. You never know what might go wrong. Yes, you politely state that you appreciate their offer, and you do like their company, but at this time in your career you have made the choice that is better for you. You hope that in the future you might have another opportunity with them and ask them to keep your contact information on file. (I do that even when rejected by the company).

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