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Does my ex have no feelings for me?


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I broke up with my ex 3 weeks ago. I had to because I felt she was not appreciating me. I didn't think she was that into the relationship and we had been together almost a year and a half.


A week later I stopped by her place to give her back her stuff. She told me to mail them to her but it was a lot so I decided to personally hand deliver everything to make it easier for her. We got to talking at her front door and I started crying, I felt like she wanted the breakup all along and told her that. She just hugged me and said she didn't want me to be sad.


A week later she landed a big promotion so I texted her to congratulate her. I said how proud of her I was and that I loved her. She just wrote back "Thank You."


A week later her sister had a baby, so I congratulated her on being an Aunt. She said to call her after that text and we talked for an hour, friendly. Before I said bye I said I missed her and thought about her a lot. She just said thanks for calling and hung up the phone.


Is she just trying to put on a facade to show she's moved on and isn't phased by the breakup, or has she really gotten over a year and a half relationship in just 3 weeks?


What do I do if she starts calling me?

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sometimes you just have to realize that people are so selfish that when something like a breakup happens after a year and a half or even a year, they don't care because they are too self absorbed, like my ex for example, she thinks that she made no mistakes, thereforee she is happy with it.. so i assume, but in a way i think she is faking some of it, because she over does it sometimes, like the last time i saw her, she skipped away like a child, literally.

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