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Love and War.


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So I was listening to a song, one that my last love and I liked, and I felt I wanted to write about the night I was sure I was in love with her, and got turned down =/, its a song by Kate Nash called Birds. (I know I'm a girl lol). This isnt much of a love poem but more of that desperation, and sadness =/ lol.



Love and War


We were walking under moonlight

You mean the world to me

I say with a smile, and I ponder a second to see what she may think


She frowns, You really shouldn't she says, apathetic

I am pathetic

I am a soldier, tripping over wire, dodging shells of her attack

I love her.

I stammer, stuttering, my words tripping over wire

I, uh.. Well its like, you..you are the only person who can make me nervous when I see you, talk to you...but uh, make me calm when I do talk, I love you ya know?

Oh? she frowns

I smile, confident, a shield, ignoring her, the mortars, the knowledge, common sense

retreat. retreat.


We continue our conversation

she wants to go inside, I make her walk another lap, its such a lovely night

her perfume is almost toxic, Side by side we walk, I should of just went home, but I'm not one to give up.


The air is much too dry, and the sky is much too bright

and her eyes shine like emeralds

and my pride jumps over the moon


I make my stand, the soldier

the man, trying to defeat, I sneak for the attack

but she counters with


What about him?

of course I am Jealous, I exclaim

All I want is to understand you

All I want is to understand me to she says

I smile, an asinine smile

a fake smile

a defeated smile


So we walk back to her house

goodbyes, and truths

You cant love me

I wont let you.

I wont tell you how I feel

You don't love me

Your lying

You can't.

I see how it hurts you


I'm fine I say

absorbing defeat

my shields are down

I'm crashing, I'm crashing.

I walk home alone.


I'm exiled

a soldier no more

I can't love now

I couldn't feel then

no one can understand

no one can comprehend

how I felt



I walk alone

and I hear this song in my head

I cursed this song

I cursed her

I cried

I died

I revived

and I lied

when I said I was fine

all I wanted was for you to understand

but I never lied

when I said I was in love with you.

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