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What does it mean when ex who left you for someone else contacts you after 3 months of no contact?


I was seeing this person for the past 2yrs... he ended the affair through an email, he wrote that he "started seeing someone and is working on making that work." That was the last I heard from him, until last week.


Last week I got an email and text msg from the person that vanished 3 months ago. Surprise... than anger.. were my initial reactions. What made me angry was that after 3 months of no contact he sends a text msg (2:30 in the morning) saying that he was just thinking of me and that if I'm in-front of a computer that he's on-line to chat (?). Apparently, he was in another state for some meeting. He goes on to say that he completely understands if I don't want to talk to him, but was wondering how I'm doing. The same time he sent an email of the same nature... leaving a smiley emoticon next to his name. Its been 3 months of no contact. Did he forget how he ended things and the repercussions it must have had on me..?


So, why contact me now? What does he think - that after 3 months of silence it should be "okay" to talk now? I want to tell him that it's not okay, that I'm not okay to talk to him, that I'm not okay or ready to be friends - not after hurting me (again). I want to tell him but - I don't know.



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id bet his reasons for contacting you were quite simplistic..he was lonely and wanted to chat with someone.

maybe he thinks its okay now to be friends since time has passed, or maybe he iss just being selfish..either way, i wouldn't bother responding. it doesn't benefit u any to keep him company. that should be his new partner

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