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Guys um i am in sort of a moral dilema. Well I am in college, and there are thse 2 hot girls who like me . They are both good friends and they both like me a lot. But I can't decide which one to make a move on without hurting the other one too badly. We just had the military ball and tehy both wanted to tkate turns dancing.


So whats a guy sopposed to do without seeming like a jerk?

help plz

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I say hang out with both of them, alone, and decide which one you like! Don't make your decision based on whether or not you will hurt someone, because two friends going after the same guy must realize that only one of them will get picked. If you are really concerned about this, make sure you talk to them, privately, and try to gauge how serious each girl is. Good luck!

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I agree with Ruby, too. Communication does lead to a better understanding. I would talk to them in private, too. Make a few compliments and be sure that they both like you, as Santa suggested. They ARE aware of their 'competition'.


I hope this supported you in your decision. Good luck!!


~ SwingFox ~

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