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Was I actually asked out/was this interest?

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I'm not very good at interpreting this stuff but maybe someone can help. I met a girl at party; she did some other things prior to college so she's new (as of this past/about to end quarter) to the college I go to and said she's still working on making friends and such, but she seems pretty outgoing and already has some. Anyway, we started talking thanks to having a mutual friend and seemed to hit it off. We have some things in common and we made a point of friending each other on facebook shortly afterwards (I said we should keep in touch and she specifically said she would write something on our mutual friend's wall so I could find her).


Anyway, we ended up doing some back and forth messaging and she said we should go get coffee sometime, and asked me how free I was. Shortly after that we IMed a little and she also suggested we should go snowboarding/skiing together and even mentioned that she's going up to the mountains for something this weekend. Now the latter could easily just be a friendly gesture but the former made me wonder...I mean isn't asking someone to coffee usually a bit more than friendly? It seems like a more intimate thing and the fact that it's one on one (the snowboarding presumably wouldn't be) made me wonder too. Does it necessarily indicate interest or is she just being friendly after all? For the record we also traded numbers (over facebook) and she told me to give her a call sometime.

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Call her up and make your intentions known up-front if you're interested. It would be a mistake to go on like normal while you're unsure of what's going on, and the results will only be more potent after being bottled up for a length of time.


And for your future reference, coffee is the 2nd least date-ish of food-based meetings. The only one more un-date-ish is meeting for breakfast someplace. The general rule is this: the later in the day the meal is, the more romantic.


So ask her to IHOP at 2am!


That was a joke, btw, don't really do it!!!

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