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My mom and dad divorced almost four years ago now. My dad has moved on and is living with his girlfriend he's had pretty much since the divorce. My parent's marriage was failing for a good two full years before they finally separated...


My mom... Well, how do I put this... I guess, she was dating this guy for a while. Maybe almost 5 months. Then all of a sudden he stopped coming around. I don't know what happened, but he was gone. My mom tends to be a bit picky, which drives me crazy sometimes because at 52, she should just be looking for a companion, someone that she can just enjoy her time with. She rules a lot of people out, frequently. Just for minor things.


She makes me feel bad because I'm really never home anymore. I work full time and go to school full time, and any time I have free, I see my boyfriend.


She has come into the habit of drinking wine every night and smoking pot and she just sits on the couch until she goes to sleep. And on the weekends, she starts off early drinking a malt beer.


I want her to meet someone, but she's so resistant to just get out of the house. She has very low self esteem and it's driving me crazy! My mom is a good person, but she just won't get out there and see if there is someone else for her.


FYI: She isn't holding out for my father to come back. My dad, when my parents were together, was verbially abusive to my mom and I. We are ALL much better now that they split up.

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