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Was He Friendly or Flirting?

WTF is Dry Dating? | Guide to Dry D...
WTF is Dry Dating? | Guide to Dry Dating

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So on halloween i went out with my friend, we hung out with a bunch of her friends and i met this couple. When we got to the bar, the guy asked me to dance, so i said sure, and everytime he saw me, he asked me to dance that night, while we were dancing he asked me if i wanted a drink, so i said sure, the bar was crazy busy, so as we were walking i grabbed hold of the bac of his shirt to prevent from being separated, i guess he felt me do that so he grabbed my hand, when we reached the bar he still was holding my hand, he bought me a drink and we went back out to dance. Well a few days after he added me to facebook, and randomly messaged me to today asking me about my work situation and my school, and he wanted to know all about that kind of thing.


So my question is ... Was he just being friendly, or is there more to it

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