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The world is leaving me in the dust

big greg

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All of my friends are already married so I've been to many weddings, my cousin just got engaged so all of my family that are my age are married, and I just got asked tonite to be a godfather by one of my friends who was one of "the first" to get married.


Everybody around me is all grown up to the point where they are starting their own families and building a life for themselves, but I'm still stuck back here in the dust by myself all alone. I know "growing up" is relative, I'm the only one of them who has a mortgage and whos cars are all paid off and has been financially stable and is beginning a solid career.. but I'm using the term "growing up" in a different sense in that they know what it feels like to love someone, to be married, and now to be a father. I'm so far away from any of those stages of life, it feels like I'm being left in the dust.



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you are 24!!!! why would you want to get married so young? Maybe its time to step out of your social circle because there are many many many people who are still single way older than you.


I would actually advise against getting married before 25...even then I think its so young. I wouldn't have done 90% of the fun things i've done and been to the places i've traveled to and worked overseas if i got hitched soooo young.


Be glad you aren't tied down at such a yong age... go out and make new friends, get a new hobby, travel.

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I am sorry you are feeling this way.

I do know how you feel. I come from a large family- and now my brother is the only one who is going to be unmarried. I have been helping him cope with it. We all have felt what you are feeling. It's human nature to feel like you should have reached certain landmarks at certain ages- But it's also kind of silly and pointless.

Different things in life happen to people at different times. So, you don't get married young, but who's to say you won't later and have a very successful marriage ? Maybe you have a successful career and it's great that you have no large debt.

There are always things others have that make us envy them- everyone thinks the grass in greener, but the truth is- With everyone's life, no one is ever 100 % content with things. It's give and take.

BUT instead of getting bitter like some people do (Trying to feel better by putting others down or saying things about their marriages failing)

Think POSITIVELY about what YOU have that is in no relation to anyone else.

Everyone has things going for them. Remember, life isn't a compeitition or a destination. Stop comparing yourself to others, there's no point- You aren't them and they aren't you.

Things like Happiness, Disappointment, Fears, Envy, Sadness, Joy, Success and Desire are present in everyone's life.

The important thing is to look at what YOU have and what you plan to do to make Yourself happy. We don't always get everything we want in life - And even if we do, it's doesn't always come along at the time we want it to - Sometimes it's earlier and sometimes it's later, and sometimes it's much much later. You are young and have your whole life ahead of you- See it for what it is- An Adventure. You a have a lot of life to discover, people to meet and things to learn about yourself. And that's a wonderful thing.

You'll be a lot happier if you learn to be happy with yourself than wasting time pointlessly comparing yourself to others.

Your life is unique. Live it ! Take that energy and pour it forth into something positive for yourself. Good luck !

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Dear Bestie, I don_t wanna to be yo...
Dear Bestie, I don_t wanna to be your fevarit


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