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I fancy my sons teacher, any advice?


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For a while I have fancied my sons school teacher but this has become more so of late. I am quite fussy about whom I like & she seems ideal to me.

I have started helping in the class as my son wishes me to & I enjoy this & more contact with this teacher.


I am totally unaware if she is single or not (no ring though) or if she might be interested. Obviously being my sons teacher I feel more awkward than normal in just approaching her in a quite moment.


She does smile warmly at me in the morning & afternoons collections but this could just be down to the fact that I'm a volunteer parent helper.


I shall look out for all the body language signs I can next time I see her but any advice anyone can offer me would be gratefully read.

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I think your story would make a good one for Boston Public...just kidding!


Seriously, you would have to approach and chat her up. That's the first step. If things progress well, ask her out for dinner or something. Nothing too intimate, you might just scare her off.


Good luck!

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Thanks for the replies guys.

Problem is being a school there's never a chance to speak without loads of kids around, after school is the same with all the parent & I have my son with me so not really much oppurtunity to talk on a personal level.

Now if I knew where she hung out I could do something, but I don't.


So I'd appreciate any thoughts from anyone on doing this.

Last day of term, present her with a wrapped box of chocolates from myself & son on the basis that thanks for teaching my son so well all year (cheesy I know!)

Inside a little note requesting to get to know her better & my mobile number to send me atext if she fancies going out for dinner?


Or is this a bottle job?

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If I may offer some constructive advice here: For your son's sake, please wait until the end of the school year.


I work in an elementary school building and I have heard many stories from teachers about parents asking them on dates. Honestly, I've never known a teacher that accepted the offer. It's not because there is no attraction, but because it would be incredible akward to walk into a classroom and teach the child whose mother/father you just dated.


When the year is over, find an excuse to contact the teacher and pursue your interest then. I think it'll be better for you, better for the teacher, and better for your son. You should go for it...just not now.

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