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He knocked my socks off...now how can I return the favor?!


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Long backstory...(sorry!)


So I have had a run of bad luck in terms of dating since I divorced in March of 2007. It hasn't all been bad, but I haven't met anyone that I would consider a long term relationship with or, in one case, they weren't interested in a LTR with me. Anyways, I have been starting to get really jaded on the idea of finding true happiness in the dating world. I've been dating a few people all at once for nothing more than a way to pass the time really. So when a good friend of mine wanted to introduce me to her brother-in-law, I thought why not....little did I know he was going to knock my socks off!


We went on our first date this past week. It was awesome! Just dinner, fantastic conversation, and tons of chemistry--not things I get all-in-one usually! We continued talking via text and phone for the next few days. My birthday was on Saturday and he was going to try to make it to my party(we live about 1.5 hours apart). He did have something for work scheduled early on Sunday morning, but he was going to try to get someone else to cover it.


On Friday the day before my birthday, he called to let me know he couldn't make it to my party which was totally fine with me. I was having lunch with his sister-in-law in about an hour. When we arrived at the restaurant, there were roses waiting for me---from him! It was supposed to be his apology for not making it to my birthday. I was blown away by how sweet he was!


Then came the night of my birthday....he surprised me again by showing up afterall!!! It was so amazing! He didn't find a replacement to cover him for work the next morning so he had to literally stay up all night driving---all just to see me!!!


I have been dating some real losers who haven't 'worked' for my attention/affection, so this is a wonderful change. His birthday is this coming Saturday and I need some advice on what to do/get for him!!! I am at a total loss...usually, I am very good at things like this, but since he has already been so great so fast, I'm kind of flumoxed. He will be coming up to my neck of the woods to celebrate his birthday with family and we have plans to go out. Also, I'm just kind of wary on how to proceed from here on out. I've been 'me' since day one and he hasn't run for the hills yet! But....what can I do to ensure it doesn't happen?


I think this one could be a keeper, but only time will tell...


TIA for your assistance!

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Men are simple creatures. Remember that! It doesn't take all that much to make us happy for birthdays or Christmas. If he knows you really like being with him and have put some thought into your gift it will be perfect. Ask around and see if you can get some help on which way to go. Sports, movies, books or clothing. If you do buy him clothes it some times comes accross like you are trying to change us because you don't like the way we dress. (it happens ladies)

The biggest gift you can give him is to continue to be yourself and be honest. Pick the brains of the people who know him and see what ideas you get.


good luck and best wishes



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