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i'm 23, she's 37


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I met a woman at a pub last night and we hit it off. We ended up spending the night together and it was great. The morning after was somewhat awkard but I guess thats not uncommon. I'm debating if I should follow up with her because of the age gap between us... 14 years. I feel like I might be too immature for her... but I don't know her well enough to know. What do you think, should I go for it?

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Go for it but I'm guessing that it won't work. Not because of what I've read about you or what I know about 37 years-old people or because I'm against the idea since you have a 14 years of age gap...


No; it's because that you're asking other people their opinion about it. That tells me that whenever a first person who will judge you two from being together because of your age gap, you'll reconsider. And from that hesitation, she'll feel your inconfort and insecurity. And it'll make her feel insecure too. Not because of you, because of herself. Still...


Over time and over people reacting always the same way, that will become a nightmare for both of you and that would be the cause why it won't work.


Now if you say that you don't agree with me, proove it by stopping to consider that age gap between you two, to accept the others to influence your choices; just go to her and enjoy some time with her.


I hope you have fun

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If you're both cool with it go for it. I'm 24 my gf is 33 we've been pretty happy together for 2.5 years now. We've both benefited tremendously and learned so much about love and life largely due to our age difference. And when it comes to sex sheesh, she's taken me to a whole nother level. She really blows my mind sometimes.


The only problem is different tastes in music, and the idea of consolidating friends feels a bit weird. All her friends and family love me, to the point where she actually gets a little jealous over it, lol. But some of my friends seem a little nervous around her. I think they're just intimidated, their massively immature compared to her and her friends unfortunately, a lot of them have not even had gf's yet


I also worry sometimes about how we might want kids together someday, and by the time I'm ready (I'm still in grad school), she might be at that age where things get dangerous. But with today's medical advances we'll probably be okay.


But anyways, it just comes down to your chemistry and how attracted you are to each other.

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