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hi there i'm 22 and i'm out to some people want to come out bit at the same time i love women at this time in my live i have an friend that we both just broke up with our girlfriends to be with each other i knew him some time back and we trysome thing but didn't work out cause we both believe in god but know we are doing things again

is it wrong?

will he pull out like two years ago?

or am i'm mess up in the head?

my good friends tell me to do what makes me happy and he does

but they are saying do what i wan tin the long run and that is haveing an wife and kids

what do i do

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it is not wrong. If it helps look at it as a phase. It is quite normal for some to date and be happy with women then to date and be happy with men, then with women again, with men again, etc. You get the picture. So if you are happy in this situation just stick with it and see what happens. Your still very young: 22 is perfect age for sexual explorations. You still have around 20 years to find wife and kids if that is what you want. So do not scold yourself but enjoy while it lasts.

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