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Avoiding Eye contact... Attraction?

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Hey everyone...

I have several questions...since lately i have been thinking about this...

1. my main question:

EYE Contact... you know how often, a sign of attraction is a lot of eye contact? do you think avoiding eye contact can also be a sign of attraction? of course, it could mean that you bore a person or that they dont like you, if they are avoiding eye contact... but, if you have already previously 'felt' that they might be attracted to you...do you think deliberately 'not looking' can be a sign? have you ever (in your personal experience) avoided eye contact with someone you were attracted to? and why? was it to try and 'hide' the attraction?


2. do you think attraction is very much a chemical thing?


3. do you think 'gut feeling' is usually good at sensing attraction (from somebody else)? meaning, can it be relied upon usually?


thank you!

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1) Generally yes, avoiding eye contact can be a sign of attraction, but the people involved as well as the context must be considered to accuratley determine what it means.


2) Attraction can certainly be a chemical thing.


3) 'Gut Feeling' is the worst barometer of a potential partner and is the reason people are so easily manipulated and get into crappy relationships.

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1. Yes definitely in some cases. I do this around anyone I am attracted to. I'll watch them and if eye contact happens, I'll look away and sometimes turn pink. Holding eye contact is something I'll do if I in some way know the person - work with them for example.


2. Yep, chemical initially.


3. No, gut feeling is wrong as often as it is right. I've picked up on attraction that way, and I've made an idiot out of myself that way!

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1. Yeah, I think this especially applies to shy people, delibaretely avoiding eye contact can mean attraction. I've done it.


2. I'm not really sure what you mean by chemical. Like, something that you can't control? I suppose so...I guess there's something inside of us that goes off and makes us attracted to that person.


3. Yes. I think most of the time my "gut feeling" is right, it's worked for me. I could usually sense when somebody is attracted to me or not, and that definitely helps.

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1 - Certainly. I'm a bit shy, also I just assume that when I like a guy, they don't feel the same, so I try to hide my attraction. But when I get 'signs' they might like me, my eye contact increases greatly.


2 - It involves chemicals, but they're not what spark an attraction.


3 - It's different for everyone, but my instincts are almost always wrong. Head over heart.

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