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confused mixed signals


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Ok, not been here for a while but felt I needed some third party imput again.


Met a couple of girls now via the internet, one was great, dated for 2 months and then she dropped the bombshell that she saw me as just a friend, got over that, met up with a couple more, not really clicked but finally met a really great person, we seemed to have clicked but is it just my past making me think the worst or is there something not right?


We've had 4 dates now, done the initial meet, then went to the cinema, then she came over to mine for a night in and a dvd. Night ended with having a bit of a play with each other but not full on sex. She text me to say how she enjoyed the evening and all was going great. I then went off on holiday for a few days, came back and she takes ages to reply to texts making you think it's all off, then all of a sudden, she will reply and make you feel really good. We finally meet up again and rather than ask what to do or suggest going somewhere, she says she will come to mine again... great I think. She comes over, we watch some tv, watch a dvd and have a take away, then she cuddles up to me and all seems well. I start to fondle and we kiss a lot and all of a sudden she seems more interested in the film on tv and then goes off to the toilet but there is the distinct lack of the flushing sound (at that time of night you hear it). She comes back, we cuddle up again and kiss a bit more but she soon says she best go home as it was 3am. We kiss goodbye and she says she will see me again when she is less tired. Admittedly she was yawning when she turned up and falling asleep during the first film.


I know I expect the worst due to previous experiences, but does this sound like she is not interested in me? Why would you get up and go to the toilet if you didn't 'go to the toilet' other than to make a convenient break to the goings on at the time.


I'll see what happens and wait to see if she contacts me or if I need to contact her first. Just curious on others thoughts.

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She is acting a bit weird from the background you give, be a little wary, but without knowing her I can't comment. For me the reasons I would do that could be any of the following:

- Uncomfortable about the pace, things moving too fast

- Not 100% interested *but interested enough to bother going to your place knowing what would be instore

-Confusion about what I wanted

- Wanted to see if there was something there, but found there wasn't and so needed an exit...


But there are other girls who would have different views and reasons.



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so you sat there waiting in silence for the flush?


I was watching the tv, but at about 2am you kinda notice the sounds around you, such as the flush of a toilet and the water tank refilling. I'm out in the countryside so there is no outside noises and the walls of the house aren't exactly mega thick. I wasn't listening out for it, I just thought as she came down the stairs "hmm, she didn't flush".

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