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Need females input...messy situation with old friend help!

Describe an old friend you got in c...
Describe an old friend you got in contact with again

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had a situation with this girl we became close friends very close but we ne, we got to be pretty close, lots of people assumed we were together...but i was very shy at the time and never made a move lookingback i def should have....

. we got along great.after a while we had our misunderstandings were on and off friends for a while saw other people ,there was always some sexual tension between us...i was very inexperened when we first met , i have a tendency to get protective of her thats where some issues come from, some of her friends i dont really think are good for her, i drink i wont bite my toungue about it...i really cant stop myself sometimes, i would go off and i could see she would be hurt, i feel terrible about doing it...


Welli ended up back home afnd we both were single but she wouldnt talk 2 me at the time.....i sent her flowers by deliv and told her i was sorry and that ive had feelings for her...she invited me to come to her birthday party when i saw her and seemed to be happy with me...at her party I got drunk some things i shouldnt have about her friends after another fight a week afterthat which i dont recall...i didnt try talking to her again for 2-3 months later by then she started seeing someone else.I know i said stupid things to her but it was just being protective not really intentionally hurtful your all probably thinkingim nalcholholibut really not,just a little alchohol bring s out my protectiveness of her,i drink proably twice a month now so thats not an issue,i really dont mean it i wish i wasnt like that...

.so she seeing someone elese i respect that, she saw me at a party after she started seeing him was giving me smiles and seemed like she was following me around but io didnt say much but hi, didnt really try contacting her except on her birthday, never emailed imed or anything......she blocked me on aim months and months after last time i tried talking to her and now she wont accept my facebook request and isnt denying it either just letting it sit there....all her friends also give me strange looks when i see them her close girl friends too not the creeps i was so protective about...your like i did something terrible, i saw her 2 nights ago at the bar, i tried avoiding her she seemed to be around a lot...we made eye contact once and she gave me a smile, she also was standing behind me it seemed every time i looked at the bar,,,why wouldnt she try to avoid me if she hates me enough to block me on aim?? i mean she keeps playing games this has been years and years...shes got a boyfriend shouldnt she be tired of this? if your gonna block me wouldnt you stay the hell away from me if were in the same bar? it seemed like i was the one angry at the bar, i wanted to talk but since she blocked me i though mabye i shoudlnt...what should i do?

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>>shes got a boyfriend shouldnt she be tired of this?


Actually, if this has been going on for years and never gotten off the ground, and she blocks you and has a boyfriend, perhaps it is time to just let this go and look for a girl without all this complicated history, and one that is truly available to you and wants to date you.


There seems to be a lot of game playing here and no real communication. If you two can't have normal conversations and go on real dates rather than just meeting at parties and public places, then i think there is nothing really here for you, and you should just focus on dating other people. She's not available now anyway, so why waste your time? There is lots of drama here, and no real connection.

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Maybe she is trying to talk to you. I do agree if she has a boyfriend, you should move on and find someone you can be with.


If she comes up again and is available and you are then see if there is anything there.


Timing is so important in relationships. It may not be the right time, but it may never be the right time.


Its too bad you just can't meet her face to face and say what you said in this post. Tell her you just want her to be happy and safe and you feel protective of her. Those are your feelings and you can't change them but you are there as her friend.


Something like that.

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