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kicked down again...how to bounce back?


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hi everyone,


I'm not exactly new here but I created a new name a few months back to have a bit of a new start. I'm a college freshman..my earlier problems that brought me here originally involved an ex that I was in an on and off relationship with throughout high school until my junior year. I spent the rest of high school trying to get over him while having to see him nearly every day but I never felt truly over him and indifferent towards him until I went to college in a different state where I've been for a few months now.


This brings me to my new problem...after years of being emotionally involved with my ex I finally found another guy I truly liked. We're in the same group of friends and whenever we drink on the weekends he and I end up flirting and getting close but nothing more, he's a gentleman. However, my best friend brought another one of her friends to hang out with us tonight and I can tell my crush likes this girl.....I just got so depressed I had to grab some friends and get away from this guy...I was going through the motions all over again as if I'd just been dumped or something....I started to doubt my happiness here, which I had previously thought was the best thing that ever happened to me...it makes me so mad in general that a boy could still influence my emotions so much yet again....and this new crush of mine didn't even really do anything wrong.


I hope I wake up in the morning in a better mood because I have so much work to do this weekend, I can't afford to dwell on this. I'm really not looking forward to seeing this guy again but I'll probably have to face him tomorrow when he comes to pick up the stuff he left in my room earlier...I hope he didn't pick up on my unhappiness tonight...granted we were both a bit intoxicated, him more than me.


I could really use some words of encouragement on how you guys bounce back from these situations...I was feeling so confident and ready to let my guard down again and then this happens...thank you for reading, and I'd love anyone's input.

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