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I am 21 years old although my situation makes me sound like i am 15. My situation is pretty complicated, not really. there was a guy who was quite interested in me for quite sometime , this guy has a reputation of being a player. i was in a relationship with such a guy before and it ended miserably. thereforee i never took this guy seriously.

But he was very persistent and pusuasive. there is a cache here he never spoke to me, i could say that i never allowed that to happen because i avoided him. but before this we used to talk to each other

anyways after a while he stopped and i think i realised tht i am interested myself and i made an attempt like adding him on a friends network and stuff and this guy seemed to love the attention but played it off really cool and appearing be very non chalant. then i made some stupid attemts. I realized later that the guy has a girlfrnd and finally i got frustated and gaveup. Iwent out with my friends once and ended u calling him and abusing him hahah. not funny very ambaressing.

I apologized the next day and the wrote a message and asked if we could meet o clear things up and he never replied back. i see him now occasionally at first he used to vaoid me. but now h looks like he is eager to talk but hates my attitude or something and thts why he wouldnt.

we dont even exchange a hello and i think tht is very weird. although i feel like i have made too many attempts i feel i really need to talk rto him once because i dont like keeping my emotions pent up and becoming bitter. please tell me sincerely if its a good idea. i personally know there is a gut feeling in me keeping aside his fickle personality that theire is a genuine connection between us and what stops us from being together is ego. I dont want a relationship at alll, but i want the awkwardness to end.



i have to be honest, i would like if you told me why i should not. it will be helpful. i did not want to initially but its quite difficult to turn you head 360 degrees from someone with whom there has been so much drama.i want to be matured about it. although i think he is very immatured.

this is the first tome i am talking about it. t has been 6 months now. the more time passes the more difficult it gets. i thought i will forget it, but i am not forgetting it. yeah till date we have had impersonal means of communication and thereforee i want to talk to him in person to see his reactions.

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