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Don't, worry...be happy...count your many blessings


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Enotalone.com is a truly amazing site. It's quite surprising (and NOT coincidental) how many of us found the site "by accident" while feeling we were at our lowest, and in incredible pain, as a result of some form of loss...loss of love, having been betrayed, not knowing what to do. I can personally attest to the incredible compassion and support I received when I was sad, lonely, confused, not knowing what my next step should be. The beauty of this site is the objectivity thrown to us as a life preserver, while we are adrift in our raging sea of emotions. The life preserver brings us back to shore, helps us get our legs, dry off, and think what to do next. Even if we never meet the people here in person, they become our friend because it's obvious that they care about us. When we heal up from our falls, then we can help others, too.


The other day, a family member sent me a moving and inspirational video about a man named Nick Vujicic, a man who was born without limbs. It was recently copyrighted and then removed from YouTube, so it's no longer accessible or share-able. However, if you Google the name "Nick Vujicic" or enter it on YouTube, you will be able to choose from a few different videos and you can listen to him speak. Please take the time to do this (I am not personally Christian, but he is and he has a powerful faith in God). Your problems (while valid, of course!) will soon begin to take their proper place in your perspective, and you may come to realize that your life's challenges and the pain that accompanies them, can be dealt with, and you will be able to get back up and keep going, and finish strong. Never, ever give up! The old euphemism "It's always darkest before the dawn", really is true.


I just want to express my caring for each person who comes here to be heard, to grow, to express their feelings about love, divorce, breakups, death, NC, eating disorders...and to talk about the many confusing events that are part of our human condition. Life really does throw everyone challenges, and many are very serious, leaving people hurting very badly and wondering if their pain will ever stop. A beautiful thing is watching people here recover and heal, and come out feeling a bit stronger than they did before, and able to draw upon their own experiences and respond to and assist other posters who are in pain and in need of a listening ear. If you get a chance, go to http://www.lifewithoutlimbs.org or Google Nick Vujicic or enter his name on YouTube, and see if his story might be inspirational to you. Everyone...keep on rockin', keep on talking things out, it's healthy, and Enotalone.com is a place where you will continue to find support, help, and the stories of others who know what you are going through. Love to all of you!

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