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semi formal coming up

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Christmas dance is coming up at school, since its senior year I consider this as a must go...its the last time I'll be able to go to a semi formal (kinda bittersweet). My problem is pretty simple; I have a girlfriend (been with her almost 2 months and only seen her 3 times due to transportation issues), but I do not want to take her to this dance...I want to take someone else, i'll call her A. Girlfriend goes to a different school, see her only on weekends, but I would feel kind of guilty if A said yes to going to the dance with me.


Not sure what the outcome would be with A, if she would go or not, she is the girl at school no one will ask...shes the girl in high school that everyone knows is stunningly beautiful. And no ladies, I am not simply being shallow. A is a stunner, but she's funny, really nice, and an overall great person. Since A and I are friendly aquaintances, I do not know if taking her to semi would be like a date, or just going with a friend (i'll find out when I ask her). I think of it as a prime opportunity to ask, she has yet to be asked to ANY school dance! if she says no I can ask my girlfriend and if she says yes well I will have to ask the gf if its ok with her.


Do you think it would be okay for me to ask A to the dance?

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