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Please help...I need advice of overcoming a bad habit


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I need advice quiet badly....


I have been getting into I don't want to say 'arguments' but maybe more into serious conversations that may get kinda fustrating with my bf. The converations that we have had lately are about how I can stand up to my parents nor confront them. Due to the fact I put myself in a mood where I over think things and worry about what they are going to say and that I please everyone but myself. As well as going to him telling him everything that is going on between my parents and myself. He gives me advice to on what to say to them, so, that I can tell them my feelings and thought as well as confidence to do so.


It then comes to where I will only say a bit of it and not of the advice I should have said to them and don't say all of it. This angers him because he knows that I could do it by I worry to much and over think about what their going to say..I have pushed him to the limit with this because he just want me to be able to make myself happy, confident and able to stand up for myself. I agree with that totally!!! I feel that I'm hurting myself by the way I handle things and I know it's not a healthly way to. I don't want to lose my bf because of this...:sad:


I need advice on how to do that? How to build this confidence and able to make myself a happier person? I want to do this for my bf to show him that I can do it and ESPECIALLY FOR MYSELF!!!



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