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weird dream, not sure what it's all about


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Last night I dreamt that I was either walking, running, or biking up a hill on a highway. Actually the highway was kind of rolling, and it was apparently on the side of a mountain or something, where one side of the road had a grass edge and then a high mountain, two lanes of highway (nicely paved and new-looking), then there was a grass median, and the other side had a wide shoulder, then a grass hill, which led down to woods. If I had to name a season I'd say it was summer. Anyway, in the dream, I was going up the hill, and i was the only one around.


All of a sudden this guy in motorcycle clothes (padded jacket, leather gloves, black boots, and helmet) ran out into the road and lay down in the middle on his side, for no apparent reason. As I passed on the right, I slowed down and pulled over, or if I was walking, went to stand in the shoulder, and then right as I did that another motorcycle came up the hill and hit the guy lying there, though I didn't see what happened after that because in my dream, I pulled out my cell phone and dialed 911. But here's where it gets weird:


I put my hand up to my ear in my sleep and started talking in my sleep, and said something like, "I'm calling about..." and then it was like, in my dream I hung up and then I just woke up because I realized no one was there. I can't remember if I had my actual cell phone in my hand because I sleep with it on my nightstand, but I definitely had my hand to my ear.


What's up with that?



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Dream about your ex
Dream about your ex


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