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He broke NC again!

Why Men Come Back - ALWAYS
Why Men Come Back - ALWAYS

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if you need my backstory, read my previous posts.

he broke no contact AGAIN! im fuming, after all the horrible things he said to me, he has the nerve? He texted me 10 times yesterday, asking me to please text him back this one time. Sounded urgent, so eventually i did(after the 10 txtx) and he was just wanting to say hi, that he saw my facebook and i looked good in some formal pictures i just put up from the wknd. WOW.


On another hand, hes still in contact with my brother, and telling lies about me to him. im SO MAD! i told him if he had nothing else to say, then we could stop texting. He said "you dont even miss me do you" and i said, theres no point to it im moving on and i dont owe you anything. he said ya your right, and i said i had to go and we said bye. Im hoping; praying he doesnt contact me again. its getting ridiculous.

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