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Some Advice Would be great....


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I feel that I have become more stressed then I have ever been. I'm unhappy with living at home with my parents. I want to move out but I can't move out until I get a job that's paying me more money. I'm only working a few hours a day, 5 days a week for a small business. Currently looking for a 2nd job so I can get more hours and a steady paycheck so that I can get my finances back on track.


But, I find myself unhappy, stressed, sometimes depressed because of having to live with my parents. They haven't been easy on me at all. It's come to the fact that it's loading up on me and can't deal with it anymore. I find myself having trouble telling them how I feel about them effecting me. They know that I do want to move out. I can say that I'm that they aren't charging me to live under their roof or for food and other things.


How to deal and handle this situation? I'm trying to be a better and happier person so that I can have a stonger and great relationship with my bf. I know that with me being in this type of situation has effected him because of my attitude.


What are some ideas that can help become more happier and more of a stronger person towards my parents and as well as for myself?

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Is it actually your parents making you feel depressed or you don't like the feeling of depending on them when you think you should be on your own? You should see a counselor; sometimes it helps just to have someone to talk to.. that you can tell the whole story to & they can offer you more specific suggestions.


If there are specific things you parents have done that make you feel bad, express it to them in a non-accusatory way. Like, "When I hear you say_____, it makes me feel like ____. I'm really trying to do the best I can, but you could help me so much by saying ____ and not telling me to ____". Make sense?


You will be able to afford living on your own sooner if you got roommates, but that can be another headache in itself.

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