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i'm too jealous


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everytime i think of him looking at other women i feel sick physically

i hate him looking at porn,hes not allowed if he does then i dont want to be with him..i think hes doing it anyway and its ruining my life.


im hate myself i want to die. but i cant i have a 4mth old son to look after

no its not post natal depression ive felt like this since he showed me who he fancies who he masterbates over i.e jennifer ellison then comparing me to her

i hate her! i hate me.

i feel ugly i feel fat


we havent made love for a month, i think he doesnt like me anymore he doesnt show me any interest he only hugs and kisses me and is affectionate thats nice but i need to feel sexy i need to feel like he fancies me still im 19 and hes 22 he just doesnt seem interested in sex anymore, all he does his game on his computer whilst i sit there watching tv. he doesnt even kiss me sexilly now, im sick of this i lvoe him but what do i do to feel like a woman feel attractive..its not really aboutt he sex its about giving me a confidence boost..and he jsut not interested WHAT DO I DO?

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I see posts like this a lot, and it makes me wonder, how can people be so insecure? You freaking out over your BF looking at porno is a complete and total product of your own feeling of self-worth. That's awful. Would you rather he masterbate to these pornos or actually perform the acts on other people?


Now that, after telling him it bothers you so much, and he continues to do it, is only his way of not allowing you to control his actions. That's another issue you are going to have to deal with. You want to control what he does because you feel so insecure. Not allowing him to do it will only push him away from you. I guarantee it.


In my opinion, if you can get your self-esteem issues handled, the rest will not affect you in such a devestating way.

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Feeling jealous & insecure is not something worth committing suicide over! Some people just have that problem in relationships their whole lives. But for most people, it is because they are young & inexperienced. You are 19. Relationships are a relatively new thing for you. With time, you will begin to realize that your SO is not blind to other attractive women simply because he is in a relationship with you. The fact that he finds porn stars attractive does not mean that he isn't committed to you or that your relationship is in danger.


He shouldn't have told you about or compared you to to what's-her-name porn star. But he can look in a magazine if he wants to; that is his right. You could tell him it makes you uncomfortable & you would like it if he wouldn't look at them anymore but I predict that wouldn't go over well. I would bet money that he would either get pissed & flat-out refuse or say he won't but continue to do it anyway. I think a good idea would be to ask him to do it privately & not tell you about it. And also, if he is masturbating & then not in the mood to be with you, that is a sign of a problem in your relationship. But you just had a baby & thus sex would be limited for a while.


I'm sure you're pretty stressed out, with the idea of being a mother now & learning how to raise a child. It's a lot of work & a constant job. Is the baby his? Tell him how you feel when you're stressed & tired. Ask him to help you out & explain exactly what he can do to make it easier for you. And try to relax when you can. It's hard to be with someone with whom something is constantly wrong. There are times to be stressed & there are times to take a deep breath, sit back & relax.

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