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I've been going out with a girl for some while now and everything's been great. I didn't really notice in the beginning but she's actually quite a bit taller than I am. This may be superficial and it really isn't a problem for me, but I know that height is a big issue for girls, as they want to feel the security of a big guy and what not. It also doesn't help that she just discovered I'm also lighter than her, which seemed to make her feel weird. I'm about 5'4 give or take and my girlfriend is about 5'8 if not slightly taller.


This has never been a problem, as I say, neither of us really noticed for a long time, but recently as I've gotten to meet her friends and family its been brought more and more to my attention (through jokes or comments or whatever).


I just don't know whether this is an issue or not, I don't know whether she is protecting me by saying its not a problem or what, and I don't want to be really insecure by asking her about it. I'm not that kind of short guy and I've always been really confident, its just that this is a first for me as the girls I often date are shorter so I don't know what's going on here?

Any advice would help, thanks for listening.

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