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What color is a burn supposed to turn when it's healing?


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I have a very bad burn on my foot. I have been putting silver sulfadiazine on it since Wednesday. I have also been taking Levaquin. I am wondering how long do I have to wait until my wounds close (the burn happened last Sunday) and when it is closing what colors is it supposed to be? I see some parts that are red, others are brown, and there is one part that is yellow.


The part that was yellow was dead white a couple of days ago, and now is yellow. I am getting a bit worried. I guess because I associate that color as bad (idk maybe pus). I don't think it's pus though because it looks like skin. I feel like if my foot is getting better because I have had it elevated since last Wednesday, and it has been swollen, and now it's practically back to normal and I can sort of walk on it. The doctor said that it was swollen because it was infected.


Is it possible for it to get infected again and not get so swollen? I just looked at my foot again, I had to re apply the creme and it's just starting to scare me. Please tell me if you know if this is just part of the healing process, sorry if this post was graphic..........I have another appointment on Friday, but I think I should go this Wednesday again, I would go sooner, but I can't because I have to be at work for the next 2 days.

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It really depends on how many layers of skin have been burned. I have been burned way to many times and depending on how many layers of skin and how large of an area they al healed differently.


The fact that it is on your foot can make healing a problem since it will tend to get less circulation and is not as easy to keep clean. An infected burn over a large area is nothing to mess with and you should see the doctor right away. The swelling may be from the body trying to heal the trauma and flooding the area with fluids that are collecting in your foot while you stand.


The colors you mention may be dead or dying skin from the burn or loss of circulation from the burn. Either way I would get in to see the doctor or nurse right away if you are concerned. Keep your foot elevated slightly and continue with the meds until you can see the doctor or at worse speak to him/her on the phone and describe what is going on.



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