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Confused about his feelings.


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Hi, this situation might sound stupid but i really want to ask other people for advice incase i can't see whats best because of what i want. If you get my drift.

Basically, this guy, right. I love him to bits. We aren't together. When i'm not with him i'm thinking about him, when i'm with him i'm happy and when we argue i feel like my world is falling apart. i'm quite sure how i feel, but i don't know how he feels. Its like, one minute he's all flirty lovey, the next he's gone all cold.

To make things worse there's another girl involved in his life. They aren't together, but thats only because she lives 200 miles away and she thinks its not practical for them to be together. And recently, for about the past few weeks, he's been telling me how much she annoys him and he wants to break it off but he can't coz they arne't really going out. So anyway, today he phoned me to tell me that he and her and going in a new direction and they're getting more serious, and he's HAPPy about it. I feel like my heart is literally breaking, i feel sick, i cant think about anything else but them, and i keep bursting into tear. (sad i know).

I don't know what to do here, we share a very special friendship but i dont know whether he loves me or whether we are just friens to him. sometimes he says things to me that hint we should be together, but i dont know. I do not want to speak to him about it incase it spoils our friendship, but i dont want to lose out ot this ooher girl.


sorry if i've rambled about nowt.

Love, Jo*

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Hey there Joanne,


I think that if I'd love a girl (and I am talking about love), I would fight over her. I wouldn't want to leave me behind thinking: "Did I do enough to win her heart?" There is a risk of loosing his friendship, too, I know that.


I hope you will be able to decide for you what works best. I hope that my few words helped you anyways. Thank you for coming to eNotalone.com with your confusion. I do hope that other members have more ideas for you


Good luck!!


~ SwingFox ~

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Hi Joanne.


Well, I guess your situation is pretty frustrating for you. What I would do, though... Well, try to behave normally towards him and keep meeting/dating with him. You mentioned that he hints to you that he wants more than just a friendship with you. when he does hint again, ask for an explanation / what exactly he means. Or ask him how he thinks the other girl would act if she had heard what he just said to you. You know him best, you know best how to ask him. And than watch his reaction. Is he embarrassed? Can he look into your eyes while answering "Oh, nothing, just a joke!" or can't he? Act on the feelings his behaviour just than created and... good luck!


I hope this helps you a bit!

A hug from one confused to the next!


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