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What are the chances one can fall in love madly again after ending an action-packed,romantic affair


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If you refer to my previous threads you will see that me and this amazing man were madly in love. At least that is what we thought.Please note that such thing had always been against either one of our principals but if one is not careful enough you might end up in one. Our affair went on for 1.6 years and no, we didn't break up because his wife found out or anything. We simply did since he knew I adored him and no matter how much of soul mates we were, we decided to leave each other so I wont be wasting my time, and wanted to keep it as beautiful as it had been for as long as it lasted.He had mentioned to me on several occasions that no matter how incompatible he was with her, he would go crazy if he left his little kids and as an intelligent young woman, it would be a waste for me.


I am taking every day at a time within the last one month of absolutely no contact. I miss him very much, he is always in my thoughts. Sometimes I wake up in the morning proud of what I did, other days I think what if he was the one. I have started going out meeting people, even dated 2 guys but I keep comparing everybody to him, and how mentally we were connected.


You end up a space where you can not judge anymore what is right or wrong.

Infidelity---> Wrong

Spiritual connection-->Right


Is it possible to ever have a relationship with someone, like how

we used to be?

Or is it so beautiful and exciting since it is an affair and so unachievable for both involved?

Has any of you out there ever experienced something similar and seen the aftermath of meeting your real love?


If it wasn't for the threads and advices I had read here regarding my story and other similar ones i wouldn't have been able to make it on my own. Once again, I am looking forwards to hearing from anyone out there with experience and comments.



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