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Is this a good idea? Or just plain silly?


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I was reading about 'To Write Love on Her Arms' and heard about a worldwide say thing on the 13th. All people do it write 'Love' on their arms. Which is a pretty good idea.


The question is: Is it a good thing to advertise at my school?


I can see the benefits of raising awareness about depression and self-harm, and letting people know that they're really not alone. It would also get people talking about it.


So is it a good idea? Or would it really be wasted on a bunch of high-school kids? Do you think they would talk about it or just poke fun?


I would like to see it done. I'm just not sure it's such a hot idea.


Any opinions? =)

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That was/is an interesting thread.


It is something I'm passionate about. I'd really like people who self-harm, like me, not to feel so entirely alone.


I'm just worried that there'll be a bunch of idiots who make 'emo' jokes.




EDIT: I agree Victoria. =)

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