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What is he doing!??!

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So, my boyfriend and I met about 6 or 7 months ago on a website. Thing is, it isn't really a website you go to meet people. Its more of a....like a hookup website. (Please don't look down on me! haha...i never really used it for that purpose, promise). Anyway, the site is called link removed(its a funny name, at least)


at any rate, i was wondering this morning...i wonder if he ever deleted his. I haven't checked mine in ages....so i finally scrounge up my username and password and checked his profile


He's still using it.

Like...it said he last logged in yesterday. Plus it has like a little When/Where section in his profile(remember, this is like a 'hooking up' website). His when is 'right now' and his where is his place....


Worst part...i noticed he added new pictures. Its of him in his new apartment he got only when he started dating me.


So...what the ****!!!!! Is he actually cheating on me? Was it wrong for me to have checked his profile? Its not like i'm really nosey...this is the first time i've noticed anything or checked anything in the six months that we've dated.


What to do...what to do.

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Hmm, well when I discovered my SO was still frequenting a site we talked on and a chat and flirt site, I went beserk...LMAO


When I confronted him...'Oh Im chatting friends, they are women in their 40's and 50's.....oh and I was catching up with guy friends I have on there too'....errrrm ok Sweetheart...errrr....NOT!! lol


I dunno hon. I'd ask him why he still feels a need to frequent this site and add new pics....and is it ok if you do the same??


I did give my SO benefit of my doubt and asked him out of respect for me, to not use it....and hes stopped.

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