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2 of the best relationship books out there


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"The five love languages" by Gary Chapman


"positive personality profiles" by Robert A. Rohm, Ph.d foreword by zig ziglar


these books are great, the first one helps explain how you and others feel love,

ie. my Girlfriend likes to be shown love through presents thats when she feels most loved


myself i like to be complimented, it makes me feel like im flying when someone compliments me especially when i know they love me and they mean it ( Ie. you are so smart, you look so cute, i like your bumb that ones my fav lol.


The second book wont only help with intimate relationships it can help you with any relationship IE. coworker, boss , friends, parents, siblings

it helps you understand how they think and why they act like they do which i found is a huge help.


The best way to think of this is that everyone thinks differnt and every personality type has there own language and if you dont understand how they think or the way they hear things you will never make a connection, because you only know they way you think and feel...which could be completely differnt from how they see things.


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I am defintely going to check these books out.


I like the idea of the first one. I know my boyfriend and I have different thoughts and ways in which we feel loved, but we've been able to verbalize it and talk about it and make sure the other person is satisfied, but it would be neat to look into.

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Thanks for sharing the information on "The five love languages" and "positive personality profiles".


These relationships book help you understand some of the intricacies of love; aids to establish and maneuver yourself through relationships. They offer tips which will be vital in helping you build a relationship that will last. We all want relationships that will last long but, in many cases, we find that love and relationships can be very delicate.

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