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I Am In Turmoil because I Cant Get Closure From My Ex

Island Gal

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I was dumped recently by my ex amidst rumours of her having an affair with another girl. I have asked her just to try to work things out and she has spurned me in some very cruel ways and shows

no interest in reconciling. I am hurting so badly words cannot describe because I stood by this girl and was always there for her through thick and thin in our 1 1/2 year relationship. I am not perfect and I made mistakes as all human beings do in relationships. I admitted to them and asked her forgiveness as I am someone who believes in owning up to ones errs. I did not cheat on her but rather the mistakes I made that hurt her could be forgiven. I have asked her to sit down and talk to me face to face no strings attached because I just want to be able to understand what went wrong completely and even if it is because of this other woman I can at least have closure knowing that is the real reason we broke up. She hangs phones up on me no matter how nice I try to be when I call her. She told me to please just get over it. This girl used to want to be with me all the time and loved me to death so how can someone just turn against you like that without even giving you the time of day? How can you leave someone hurting and in limbo when you just need to be honest with them and give a little of your time to help them accept your parting and move on hopefully maybe even as a friend in the future? I am angry and hurt and of course feel like this new girl must have some quality or something over me why I was dissed by my g/f. I am going crazy inside with these feelings because I always felt my g/f would have my back in any situation and being cruel to me is not necessary. I have made so many sacrifices for this girl and even though she says she appreciates all of them I feel like that isnt true because actions speak louder than words. If she valued me as a person and someone she once shared a very close intimate relationship with whom she really was in love with and cared for why is it she cant talk to me one last time to help me resolve all my unanswered questions? Anyone in a similar situation who truly understands how I feel and has advice on how to get through this heartache without closure if she never gives it to me please respond. Thanks a bunch.

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Hi Island Girl,


Thank you for coming to eNotalone.com with your question. I am sorry that you cannot find closure and that you are going through all this heartache.


The truth is though that you cannot force anyone into anything. You cannot force her in being in a relationship with you OR even answer your unanswered questions. This girl might just be afraid of what she is gonna feel again when talking to you about closure. She might not be as communicative as you are, who knows.


My advice as far as your heartache is concerned is to feel and accept your emotions and bad days. They will be there for the moment, but I am telling you that eventually time will heal all your wounds. Just hang in there. Don't struggle your emotions. If you feel to cry... just cry!


I hope this helps you...


~ SwingFox ~

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