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how to be patient?

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I don't really have any advice on how to remain patient. But I did want to make an observation that you're not setting up the foundation for a healthy relationship by giving him an ultimatum. What are you expecting to happen here? That he will break up with this other girl (who is a human being like you and has feelings as well), get together with you, and the two of you will live happily ever after? It seems to me that you have some rather unrealistic views of what a good relationship is. You can't force a relationship and you most definitely can't put an expiration date on it. By doing this, even if he comes back to you, you face the tremendous risk of him wondering one day when things are rough in the relationship, whether or not he was coerced into coming back to you and that it wasn't his decision at all. In fact you risk wondering that yourself and will always be insecure about it.


That said, I think you would've been much better off just walking away. If you had to tell him something, tell him that you couldn't be around him while he's in a relationship with someone else. If he left her, then you have what you want and you will know that he made the decision himself. If he stayed with her, you saved yourself a lot of heartache down the line.

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Hi there, if he's so willing to break up with her, then who's to say that he's not going to dump YOU for the next girl that comes along?

Don't put yourself in a position that you are gana get hurt. I agree with what Zeitgiest said too - don't give him an ultimatum - you're bullying him into dumping her. If he wants to be with her then let him - you're exes for a reason.


Ask yourself this too - if he really is in love with you - why is he with another girl? I think you should find someone that's available. If your ex and you have already been together and broken up, then you know it's not going to work - old problems always come back - trust me i've gone back with ex's and it's just not the same.


Hope everything works out well, wishing you all the best

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